Photo Gallery

It is planned to have a Photo Gallery with photos of the events and any undiscovered gems from the past, so if you have any you can share please contact us for an email address, or a mailing address to send a CD if there are a few of them.

For starters though, if you would like to have a browse through the Wavell 1969 Yearbook,  the Wavell 1971 Yearbook or the Wavell 1973 Yearbook to dredge up some memories - be our guest!

*Note - The website where these are located want payment from me to allow downloads, so  they can be viewed but not downloaded.


Wavell Yearbook 1969

Click here to see the Wavell 1971  Yearbook

Wavell Yearbook 1971


Click here to see 1973 Wavell Yearbook

Wavell Yearbook 1973

1973 Prefects names a

Sports Team Photos

(Photo will change every 10 secs.)

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